Full Day Salmon Trip Lower Sacramento River


Northern California’s Sacramento River is a huge, diverse and unique system of both water types and fishing opportunities. Located about three miles north of the city of Redding, the water referred to as the Lower Sacramento emerges cold and deep from below Keswick Dam. For about 25 miles this river is one of the finest wild rainbow trout fisheries on the west coast. For successful anglers they have to think about how the changing flows might affect the fish, as well as access for fishing. A little knowledge and planning can produce impressive results.The first thing about this magnificent river is, there is a lot less of it. Depending on the year, flows from beneath Keswick Dam will drop from up to 104,727 gallons down to 37,402 gallons. What had once been a drift boat fishery transforms into a wader-friendly river allowing almost limitless access. The Sacramento River above the Deschutes Bridge is managed as spawning grounds for Chinook salmon. During the cooler months the river is host to many thousands of huge, ocean-bright salmon building redds, or nests, on every suitable shallow gravel bar in the river.
If you want big fish and year-round fishing, try this river.
Species in the Lower Sacramento River:– Rainbow Trout: Year Round
– King Salmon: Summer/Fall
– Steelhead: Fall/winter
– Stipers: Summer/Fall
– Shad: Late Spring/ SummerHatches on the Lower Sacramento River:– Egg Hatch: October through March
– Caddis (Brachycentrus): March through May
– Caddis (Hydropsychid): May through October
– Blue Wing Olive: November through February
You Need To Provide:
  • Fishing license and appropriate tags,
  • appropriate weather gear and wading gear, any personal rods, etc.
  • snacks, and any special beverages if you prefer.
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Fish for salmon on the lower Sacramento river


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