Full Day Trinity River


Our experienced guides will take you down the stunning Trinity river from Lewiston to Helena and even further by request. This area has many shore access points that our guides can take you out on the water, from Old Lewiston Bridge to Pigeon Point Campground and everything in between.


    In these waters you will find Salmon reaching an average of 15 lbs. and up, and Steelhead reaching up to 16 lbs. Surrounded by the beautiful Trinity National Forest, you will have exceptional views of local wildlife and astonishing mountain scenery!


The Trinity River that flows 110 miles from the dam below the Lewiston Lake until it joins the Klamath River at Weitchpec is one of California’s best fishing rivers. Both the lower trinity, and the upper trinity, have excellent rainbow trout, some Cohos and large brown trout. The lower trinity also has a good run of half pounder steel head in the summer. The middle Trinity River from Lewiston Lake to Del Loma has great runs of steel head, Chinook salmon, rainbow trout, some Cohos and large brown trout. The river runs along highway 299 and other roads between Lewiston dam supplements the wild Chinook, Coho salmon, and steel head in this river. The Lewiston dam moderates the flow into this section of the trinity so it is the first part to clear. Most say fishing is best two days after a heavy rain in the area. As with other rivers, fishing is best between the high water and low, clear water.

The mile and a half from the Lewiston Dam to the Old Lewiston bridge are catch and release fly fishing with barb-less hooks only. This area is good fishing for rainbow trout, juvenile steel head and some brown trout. The lower trinity from Del Loma to Weitchpec has good shore access and frequent drift boat launches. It runs through Willow Creek, then continues along through the Hoopa Indian Reservation to Weitchpec. It is a popular white water rafting river but has several falls and rapids for above the skill level of most anglers. Del Loma to below Grays Falls has a few short sections with relatively calm water suitable for anglers, but it is mostly left to shore anglers and thrill rafters. Deep gorges with only intermittent launch and take out points below willow creek have good fishing for the experienced boater. The three-mile drift at Del Loma is the only part of this river that is fishing from a boat. Anglers can park in a turnout of the highway, hike to the river, find a suitable pool and fish, which is a great for shore anglers.

You Need To Provide:

  • Fishing license and appropriate tags,
  • appropriate weather gear and wading gear, any personal rods, etc.
  • snacks, and any special beverages if you prefer.

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Fishing on the Trinity River


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