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Lower Sacramento River

Northern California’s Sacramento River is a huge, diverse and unique system of both water types and fishing opportunities. Located about three miles north of the city of Redding, the water referred to as the Lower Sacramento emerges cold and deep from below Keswick Dam. For about 25 miles this river is considered to be one of the finest wild rainbow trout fisheries on the west coast, averaging 19 to 22 inches. For successful anglers they have to think about how the changing flows might effect the fish, as well as access for fishing. A little knowledge and planning can produce impressive results.

The first thing about this magnificent river is, there is a lot less of it. Depending on the year, flows from Keswick Dam have went from 80,000 cfs down to 2,000 cfs. The Sacramento River above the Deschutes Bridge is managed as spawning grounds for Chinook salmon. During the cooler months the river is host to many thousands of huge, ocean-bright salmon/steelhead and wild rainbows building redds, on every suitable shallow gravel bar in the river.

On April 1st through July 31st, Keswick to HWY 44 bridge is closed to fishing in hope to protect the salmon run & redds in the very upper section of the Lower Sacramento River access is available at the boat ramp, behind the Redding Rodeo Grounds at this time to start drift fishing from HWY 44 bridge.

Having the Sundial Bridge, biking/walking trails right in town. Along with having Shasta Lake, Wiskeytown Lake, Hat Creek, Pit River, Trinity River, Pacific Crest Trail and Shasta Caverns are all within a 50 mile radius and a lot more!


The cost of the full-day Lower Sacramento River guided package is:
• $500 per day (1-2 anglers per boat; 7-8 hours)
• $50 extra per angler (Package deal, including flies, tackle, & equipment
The cost of the half-day Lower Sacramento River guided package is:
• $400 per 1/2 day (1-2 anglers per boat; 4-5 hours)
• $50 extra per angler (Package deal, including flies, tackle, & equipment)  


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